Have you ever wondered what a bird’s eye view of the farm looks like? We sure have. And now we have a much better idea of it!

Last fall, we were incredibly lucky to have the brilliant photographer, Steve Rankin, spend a picture-perfect late-summer/early-autumn afternoon with us. We had so much fun snapping photos with Steve and are very grateful to be able to look back at the glory of that golden September day in the gardens. There is really nothing like the abundance of that time of year. The summer crops are still going strong and the new fall crops are getting ready too. It’s part of the beauty of growing a diversity – there’s always something new! 

A lot of our time is spent down in the detail. We’ll be bent over a garden bed inspecting the newly-emerged seedlings, transplanting a row of lettuce, carefully weeding tiny carrots. We’d never seen our gardens from the perspective of one of the crows or eagles or goshawks that also live here: from above. 

But that day we finally did!

Steve took some aerial photos for us and we cannot stop looking at them! It’s absolutely incredible to see the gardens from above. It gives us a unique opportunity to notice the patterns that we can’t see from the ground. And it lets us better see where we fit into the bigger picture and where the new possibilities lie. Here’s to the bird’s eye view.