Patchwood Farm CSA

CSA full for 2021 season!

How It Started

Since 2015, our gardens in Pipers Glen have provided fresh, hand-tended vegetables to our wonderful customers at the Mabou Farmers’ Market. In 2020, COVID-19 made the opening of the farmers’ market uncertain. And this presented us with an exciting new opportunity: our inaugural CSA! Check out this article to read more about how we - and other farmers in Cape Breton - adapted to COVID-19.

Our CSA memberships sold out very quickly (thank you wonderful community!) and we provided our members with delicious, seasonal produce, straight from our gardens, every Saturday afternoon. It turned out to be an extra abundant growing season and we absolutely loved the first year of our little CSA.

Now heading into our second season, the community has responded once again and our CSA is full for 2021. If you'd like us to let you know when 2022 memberships become available, you can let us know here and we'll add you to the list.

About the Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) Model

One of the things that we have always loved the most about selling at the farmers’ market is the direct connection we have to our customers - and our CSA allows us to continue building those relationships.

CSA is an alternative model for food access and distribution where the customer is directly linked to the farm. The customer (or “CSA member”) purchases “shares” in the harvest, paying at the beginning of the season and receiving a portion of the harvest over the course of the season; thus sharing in both the risk and bounty of food production.

Many CSAs are presented in the form of a weekly basket, selected and packed by the farmer, and made up of a selection of seasonal vegetables. Membership in our CSA looks a little bit different.

To learn more about the Patchwood Farm CSA please explore the Frequently Asked Questions listed below.


Patchwood Farm CSA: FAQs

What is the Patchwood Farm CSA all about?

Entering its second season in 2021, the Patchwood Farm CSA is all about great produce, direct connection, and flexibility. Here's how it works:

  • CSA members purchase a "share" of the harvest before the season begins (either a "small" or "regular" size);
  • their membership comes in the form of a "farm tab" that they can spend with us throughout the season;
  • this farm tab includes a 10% bonus as a thank you to CSA members;
  • pick ups take place every weekend on the farm (Saturdays) and at the Mabou Farmers' Market (Sundays);
  • at the pick ups, members choose from a wide variety of fresh vegetables, herbs, cut flowers, and more;
  • the value of their week's selection is totalled and subtracted from their farm tab;
  • the model offers the flexibility in choice (members choose the produce and quantities that work for them each week) and in schedule (there's no weekly participation commitment; members pick up on the weeks that work for their schedule);
  • our CSA season runs for 15 weeks: from July 3rd until October 10th;
  • at farm pick ups, members are welcome to explore the gardens, ask questions, and get to know their farmers and the place their food is coming from!

Please feel free to explore the other tabs for more detailed answers to frequently asked questions.

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