Patchwood Farm CSA

NOW AVAILABLE: 2020 Late-Season CSA Memberships!

We are so pleased to announce that the gardens are producing beautifully and that we're expanding our CSA! To learn more about our memberships - and to sign up - please read on!

Free Choice & Market Style

Since 2015, our gardens in Pipers Glen have provided fresh, hand-tended vegetables to our wonderful customers at the Mabou Farmers’ Market. This spring, the realities of COVID-19 made the opening of the farmers’ market uncertain. And this presented us with an exciting new opportunity: our inaugural CSA!

Our CSA memberships sold out very quickly (thank you wonderful community!) and, since July 4th, we have been providing our members with delicious seasonal produce, straight from our gardens, every Saturday. The gardens are growing fabulously and producing an abundance of vegetables, herbs, and flowers - now allowing us to re-open the CSA for a limited number of late-season memberships.

About the Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) Model

One of the things that we have always loved the most about selling at the farmers’ market is the direct connection we have to our customers - and our new CSA allows us to continue building those relationships.

CSA is an alternative model for food access and distribution where the customer is directly linked to the farm. The customer (or “CSA member”) purchases “shares” in the harvest, paying at the beginning of the season and receiving a portion of the harvest over the course of the season; thus sharing in both the risk and bounty of food production.

Many CSAs are presented in the form of a weekly basket, selected and packed by the farmer, and made up of a selection of seasonal vegetables. Membership in our CSA looks a little bit different, as you’ll see below.


Patchwood Farm CSA: FAQs

How much does it cost?

Late season memberships cost $125. For that investment, members receive a “farm tab” of $135 to spend with us as they like for the remainder of the 2020 CSA season.

When will I receive my vegetables?
Where will CSA pick-up take place?
How will pick-up work?
What will my CSA membership be able to buy?
What are the benefits of this CSA model?
How do I sign up to be a Patchwood Farm CSA member?
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